East Cove Afternoons

So unfortunately tomorrow is my last official day with FOTC, but fortunately today was a hike day down to the East Cove where there is usually something cool going on and today was no exception!

Every week Mia and I seem to have an informal species of the day or species of the week. It could be because of something one of us read, saw on an walk or the inspiration from a visitor to the office. Species throughout the summer have included different flowers, trees, birds, amphibians, all different types of things. This week conversation had been swirling around an unidentified bird picture we have in the office. Unlabelled but still a quality image we were unsure of exactly what it was we were looking at. In the last few days we identified our unknown species as a Black Crowned Night Heron (potentially the best bird name I have ever heard). To make things even better on our walk down to the East Cove trail late this morning we spotted a pretty fantastic trio fishing near the German-Canadian club. The Trio included a Great Blue Heron, a Kingfisher and a juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron all hunting in a stretch of water no greater then 25 metres. A pretty cool sight considering spotting any one of these three alone is worth pointing out let alone them all in one isolated spot! With the Great Blue Heron stalking through the shallow water and the Night Heron standing up on a nearby perch we watched as the Kingfisher repeatedly dive-bombed the waters surface hunting alongside his larger feathered compatriots. Pretty wild to see I have to admit. A great addition to my last week here at FOTC.

On the rest of the walk I managed to snap some cool pics along the shore of the East Cove. Check em out and/or head down to the East Cove Trail yourself!