Board of Directors

Thom McClenaghan, President

Thom continues to be a lifelong resident of South London. He is a retired School Principal and former Trustee with the Board of Education for the City of London.

Thom is married to Martha with 4 children David, Erin, Kathleen and Andrew and nine grandchildren.

Why the Coves?

"This long neglected part of South London is long overdue for a little tender loving care. Possibly my grandsons will be able to enjoy them as I did when I was a child!"

Eric Shepherd

Eric Shepherd Born in London, Dr. Eric Shepherd is a surgeon and urologist at Victoria Hospital. He has lived in Old South for 35 years. Eric is married to Bev and has three children and five grandchildren and is celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary this year. A simple conversation with neighbour Thom McClenaghan led him to find his way to a position on the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Coves.

He puts it this way: "I have been increasingly aware of the pressures of urbanization on our surroundings and now realize the need to identify the activities which lead to the degradation of our environment. It is also important to become part of the solution. The Coves Subwatershed is one area where we hope to bring problems and solutions together. There is now a formal plan with a solid scientific basis, and municipal and provincial support which we hope will result in restoration of the Coves environment. We are working to achieve enhanced access so the public will feel welcome to come and appreciate this marvelous preserve in the heart of the city."

Gary Kay

Ian Cousins

Doug McAndless

Steven Trujillo

Laura McLennan