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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Aug. 3, 2012


Winter 2012 Newsletter

Jan. 24, 2012

Please click here to read about the East Cove pond, Great Blue Herons and the AGM.

Fall 2011 Newsletter

Nov. 3, 2011

Please click here to learn about:

- snapping turtles and to see some great pictures of a baby snapper found in the Coves, along with a link to an incredible video of a snapping turtle climbing a fence!

- upcoming Coves events, including the Christmas Bird Count in December

- an update on the Coves Conservation Master Plan currently underway

...and more!

Summer 2011 Newsletter

Jun. 28, 2011

The Summer 2011 edition of "The Oxbow", the newsletter created by Friends of the Coves that covers stewardship and other happenings in the subwatershed, is now available on-line.

Please click HERE to read the newsletter!

Highlights of the newsletter include: upcoming volunteer stewardship events, a spotlight on Euston Park, and recent happenings in the Coves subwatershed.

Also, our summer student Chas has created a new blog that will cover different aspects of the Coves as well as everyday stewardship activities we can do to lessen our environmental footprint.