Native Plant Demonstration Gardens

Friends of the Coves have established 2 native plant demonstration gardens which are open to the public. Come stroll through one to get ideas of native plants that you might like to grow in your own garden.

Swallowtail Grove

East end of Greenway Park Map

Swallowtail Grove is a community garden located in the east corner of Greenway Park that contains plants native to this area which are required by our native butterflies. The garden has flourished since it's planting in 2006 and the many species of butterflies, bees and other insects commonly found there are living testimony to it's vital habitat value. This garden is already well-established and contains native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses that are used by butterflies during the various stages of their development. All of the plants in Swallowtail Grove are suited to full sun and dry to medium moisture availability.

Woodlawn Garden

111 Elmwood Ave. E

This garden was planted in 2007 through a partnership with Friends of the Coves and the Elmwood Presbyterian Church on their front lawn. The church is also home to the FOTC office (east side door). You are invited to walk through the garden but please be respectful of the church property.

Woodlawn Garden is a formal garden with two raised beds of native flowers and grasses surrounded by a mulched bed of native shrubs. All of the plants are suitable to a dry area that receives full sun.

Program:  Stewardship