Street & Boulevard Trees on public property

All trees on City property are protected under City by-law and are not to be trimmed, removed or harmed by the public. Likewise, trees cannot be planted on City property unless their location and species has been approved by the Forestry Group. However, watering of these trees by the public is encouraged for the first year or two after their planting to increase chances of survival.

Assessments made by trained inspectors identify trees that need to be removed due to poor health. Replacement plantings are made based on guidelines designed to promote representation of a wide variety of trees including native species where possible and discouraging monocultures of the same tree species. Trees are selected based on their mature size and shape to eliminate or minimize conflicts between their anticipated growth, existing mature trees, hydro wires, signs and other structures.

The City will replace trees which they have removed or will consider planting trees where there has never been one at no cost to the person requesting the tree. They are currently around 2 years behind in replacing trees so if you think the public property in front of your home could support a tree, call the number below today to get on the waiting list. Not all trees removed or requested will be (re)planted. A boulevard must be at least 1.5m wide before they will consider it being suitable for a small tree and other considerations will also be taken into account.

If you don't want to wait for the City to plant you a tree, you can purchase and plant your own tree on City property but you must first get permission from the Forestry Group on the species you wish to plant and the placement of the tree. They will also offer guidance on the proper planting technique required for trees planted on City property. This HELPFUL GUIDE prepared by Reforest London, can help you select a tree that is appropriate for your site size and conditions.

Residents are encouraged to contact the City's Environmental Programs and Customer Relations Division at 519 661-2500 Ext. 5783 if they see problems:

  • With any trees on public property
  • Want to confirm the status of their replacement trees
  • Want to request a tree
  • Want more information regarding trees on public property